The ‘amazing touch’

Relaxing, healing massage

Relaxing Healing Massage

The massage I offer is Relaxation massage either full body or back, neck, shoulder and a choice of feet, hands, face, or head.

I regularly receive feedback that I have ‘amazing touch’ and people are often surprised at the strength of that touch when they are wanting a deeper massage.

When you have a massage with me you are getting the additional benefits of:

relaxing healing massage

Massage bed

One of the most popular treatments at my previous clinic was a Back, Neck, Shoulder (and feet, hands, face, or head) massage followed by a Crystal Light Bed making this a wonderful full hour appointment with people feeling positively touched and leaving lighter and brighter for their experience.

Relaxing Massage

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* Relieving Suffering * Supporting Wellbeing * Enhancing Intuition*

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