“Crystal clear”

feeling a positive vibrational shift

Crystal Light Bed

All the way from the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil, with the ongoing support of the healers that inspired this treatment, the crystal light bed allows you time out to benefit from the combined healing properties of clear quartz crystal, chromotherapy (colour), and sound (music).

You can choose from half or one hour appointments where you lie under the crystals, fully clothed on a massage table bolstered for your comfort, while your energy centres known to some as chakras are supported and rebalanced.

Ancient wisdom acknowledges the link between the chakras and our endocrine glands which are responsible for maintaining homeostasis and balance in our physical bodies. It is therefore no surprise that resoundingly people report feeling grounded, and more balanced and centred, as some of the post treatment benefits.

Crystal light bed

Crystal Light Bed

Crystal Light Bed therapy is a powerful, no fuss natural healing opportunity with your privacy maintained and no therapist in the room, although some people feel the comfort of others close by or experience palpable sensations during their session.

The saying ‘crystal clear’ comes to mind when sharing benefits of this treatment, with people often feeling a positive vibrational shift and reporting “buzzing” or gentle pulsating as every cell feels reinvigorated. Clarity, strength, and resolve are often enhanced either in a single session or with regular crystal light bed treatments. You may feel a deep sense of relaxation and go into a pleasantly altered state during your treatment.

At the end of your session you will be encouraged to take some time out and integrate your experience prior to going back to your daily activities.

Thank you Steph, when I came for a crystal light bed with your complementary negative ion treatment I had been rushing all day and was really exhausted. Your presence was very calming and you seemed to know just what I needed.

The treatment was very relaxing and restorative. By the time I left I felt completely rejuvenated, feeling great for days, and experiencing a positive shift within myself.


Owner Manager, Floatation Sanctuary New Plymouth

* Relieving Suffering * Supporting Wellbeing * Enhancing Intuition*

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