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Reiki Level I Course – No Scheduled Courses

At : 1 Yateley Place
Richmond, Nelson 7020

Reiki Level II Course – No Scheduled Courses

At : 1 Yateley Place
Richmond, Nelson 7020

Contact Stephanie for further information or to express your interest in Reiki training.


Courses and Workshops

Stephanie is a Reiki Master Teacher and teaches Reiki Level I, Level II, and Level III courses. The focus of these courses is:

Level I:

Self care, basic first aid in your hands. Family, friends, pets.

Level II:

Supporting the use of Reiki in the healing of others. Adding in ancient symbols creating the ability to enhance your Reiki and learning skills including room/space cleansing and distance healing.

Level III:

Practitioners level

Given that Stephanie is a registered nurse, in addition to the Reiki training, this course will include some basic tuition on professional ethics and boundaries to help you practise and gain a reputation as a respected natural practitioner.

Master Teacher:

Should you wish to further develop your skills and teach Reiki you can discuss this option with Stephanie when you have completed Reiki level III.

Courses can be specifically designed for your organisation or group. You may want to make more sense of your own talents and interpretation of vibes, you may be seeking greater understanding of health and wellbeing and want to develop self care skills. Reiki attunements and training can be incorporated into your course. Minimum group size of six people.

Reiki Course dates will be posted on this website in advance of the course. However if there are no postings and you are interested please contact Stephanie.

If you are committed to seeing your physical self with wonder and awe, and if you can know
deep within that your invisible self wants the body it inhabits to be as healthy as possible, then
you are a student who is ready.
Dr Wayne W Dyer

* Relieving Suffering * Supporting Wellbeing * Enhancing Intuition*

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