a ‘go-to’ for pain relief


Combining natural healing energies (from amethyst crystals known for their tranquil, sobering, calming healing properties) with 20th century research and development (including NASA technology). The BioMat is a USA FDA approved device for the temporary relief of:

  • minor muscle pain,
  • minor joint pain and stiffness,
  • joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor sprains, minor strains
  • minor muscular back pain,
  • relaxation of muscles,
  • and temporary increase of local circulation where applied.

Yes you got it, definitely a ‘go-to’ to relieve pain.

How it achieves these proven results is via a combination of EMF (electro magnetic field) protection, negative ions, and FAR Infrared heat. For this treatment you will lie fully clothed on a massage bed, on top of the BioMat, gaining the benefits of an infrared sauna without all the fuss of undressing and sitting in a pool of sweat. For best results you will want to wear natural fibres.

Negative ions, just like the oxygen we breathe, are invisible. They are known to be prevalent in nature in the mountains, around waterfalls, and at the beach. It is believed that negative ions increase serotonin levels once in the blood stream with researchers establishing a link between the use of negative ion generators and the relief of low mood.

Infrared saunas have long been used by those seeking optimal health. Tests using the BioMat have demonstrated the radiant heat emitted penetrates deep into the contact area of the body warming up tissues and therefore supporting cellular health.

The BioMat is comfortable to lie on and is permanently set up on the massage bed in my clinic.

For no extra charge you will receive the benefits of the BioMat when you have Relaxation Healing Massage, Reiki, or Bars as you lie on it on the massage bed. However you can also book regular BioMat appointments if you are wanting to gain optimal benefits of the BioMat as a stand alone treatment for pain relief and/or infrared.

* Relieving Suffering * Supporting Wellbeing * Enhancing Intuition*

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