Stephanie of Vibe Changers

I was brought up in rural New Zealand with the family doctor as the go-to person for anything to do with health or illness.

Upon leaving school I went into nursing and became a registered nurse in 1983, specialising in mental health. Some years later with mounting health challenges associated with childhood trauma and associated chronic stress wrecking havoc with my immune system, I became more open to complimentary therapies and in 2001 I was intuitively drawn to Reiki.

I continue to practise nursing and am aware of how privileged I am, given the knowledge I have regarding how the body and mind function. However it is through these other learnings that I began to trust in another dimension of healing and was able to experience first hand the benefits of complimentary therapy working alongside mainstream health.

This has allowed me to develop a greater understanding of holism. As a result, I have taken more responsibility for my own health outcomes. In doing so I have found comfort, improved health, meaningful growth, and ultimate freedom including the reclaiming of self, all aided by natural healing.

To this end I am passionate about sharing this healing with others whether through clinic sessions or courses and I get immense satisfaction from witnessing others strengthen and flourish in their lives. I welcome the opportunity to work with you whether to support your comfort relaxation and direction or simply to provide you with a nourishing or invigorating experience.

Text or phone : 021 351 319

* Relieving Suffering * Supporting Wellbeing * Enhancing Intuition*

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