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I was brought up in rural New Zealand with the family doctor as the go-to person for anything to do with health or illness.

Upon leaving school I went into nursing and became a registered nurse in 1983, specialising in mental health. Some years later with mounting health challenges associated with childhood trauma and associated chronic stress wrecking havoc with my immune system, I became more open to complimentary therapies and in 2001 I was intuitively drawn to Reiki.

I continue to practise nursing and am aware of how privileged I am, given the knowledge I have regarding how the body and mind function. However it is through these other learnings that I began to trust in another dimension of healing and was able to experience first hand the benefits of complimentary therapy working alongside mainstream health.

This has allowed me to develop a greater understanding of holism. As a result, I have taken more responsibility for my own health outcomes. In doing so I have found comfort, improved health, meaningful growth, and ultimate freedom including the reclaiming of self, all aided by natural healing.

To this end I am passionate about sharing this healing with others whether through clinic sessions or courses and I get immense satisfaction from witnessing others strengthen and flourish in their lives. I welcome the opportunity to work with you whether to support your comfort relaxation and direction or simply to provide you with a nourishing or invigorating experience.

Now l’ll let one of my Christchurch clients share her experience.

“I decided to start having reiki treatments as I wanted to try a more holistic approach to dealing with the symptoms of PTSD and anxiety as a result of childhood trauma. I noticed immediate results during my first session where I experienced for one of the first times in my life, a sense of calmness, peace, and deep relaxation.

Prior to my first reiki session I was really nervous and unsure however Steph was able to make me feel calm and comfortable and I felt that she genuinely wanted to help me. As a result I have continued to have regular sessions with her and have noticed that I feel a lot more balanced and grounded.

My symptoms of PTSD and anxiety have decreased significantly. It has also aided in my being able to heal from my past and to move forward with my life.

I book in a reiki session with Steph when I am stuck in a highly anxious and stressed state as it seems to work like hitting a reset button for me, returning me back to a calm and relaxed state. Due to the positive results I experienced through regular Reiki treatments with Steph I decided to add in another type of healing treatment and started having Bars sessions as well, with positive results. I have found that having a Bars session is relaxing but also it seems to help me to deal with life’s day to day challenges with ease. I am better able to flick off negativity and stresses that I face.

I highly recommend a session with Steph to anyone who is in need of relaxation and healing”.


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