Natural Healing

* Relieving Suffering * Supporting Wellbeing * Enhancing Intuition*

Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Easing Tension from Overworked Muscles

Support with emotions associated with Trauma, Change, and Grief

Relaxation to avert Fatigue and Illness especially when you’ve been pushing yourself

Rebalancing to Support Optimum Function

Increasing Awareness to Support Lifestyle Changes and Direction

Safe and Ethical Natural Therapist


Hi I’m Stephanie Giles, Natural Therapist at Ora Health, Mapua, near Nelson.
I’m committed to providing accessible professional natural healing services
to the communities in which I live and serve.

To support your health and wellbeing you can choose from a range of non-invasive, natural and vibrational energy treatments, combining ancient wisdom with modern technology.  Or you can come and talk to me about your needs and together we can decide on a treatment or course of treatments for you.

Book your 15 min no obligation appointment with me now.




ReikiReiki is a safe, gentle, and effective natural healing that eases life’s worries and tensions away, allowing you to feel nurtured, supported, and connected. Reiki may be helpful for insomnia, pain, anxiety, grief, etc.


ScenarSelf-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator for pain relief and healing. It ensures your body recognises the healing prompts and releases endorphins (natural pain relief) and neuropeptides to support ongoing healing.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head MassageWhether you choose Indian head massage for pain relief if you are experiencing tension or pain in your upper body from poor posture or overworked muscles, you are sure to benefit from this relaxing and invigorating session.

Crystal Light Bed

Crystal Light BedCrystal Light Bed therapy is a powerful, no fuss natural healing. People report feeling grounded, and more balanced and centred, as some of the post treatment benefits.


barsBars is a relaxing energy treatment that will positively change your relationship to stress, going to the source of judgements blocks and limitations. It is all done without any conscious need for you to be involved in the process.


Combining natural healing energies from amethyst crystals for the temporary relief of pain, spasm and stiffness. The radiant heat emitted penetrates deep into the contact area of the body warming up tissues and therefore supporting cellular health.

Relaxing Healing Massage

healing relaxing massageEither full body or back, neck, shoulder and a choice of feet, hands, face, or head. You get the additional benefits of Reiki, lying on the BioMat and Steph’s ‘amazing touch’ healing hands. Feel positively touched.

Upcoming Courses

Stephanie, Reiki Master Teacher, is conducting a Reiki Level I course on 2 July and a Reiki Level II course on 16th July. Self care, first aid in your hands, supporting family, friends, and pets.

Steph offers Holistic Massage Reiki Indian Head Massage SCENAR Crystal Light Bed


Just as the flowers follow nature’s rhythms and know when and how to bloom, our bodies are inherently designed to function and to heal.

We require optimum conditions to achieve this including good nutrition, restorative sleep, regular exercise, healthy challenges, positive social interactions, and stress free periods both physically and mentally.

Unlike some aspects of our being, our stress response has not evolved from hunter gatherer days and therefore our mind and body respond to small stressors in much the same way as significant stress. So if little things niggle away each day they can accumulate and before we know it we’re stuck in a chronic stress cycle. This throws us out of balance, sapping our energy and lowering our immune system.

Understanding the vicious cycle we are caught in and eliciting the relaxation response will change the vibes and help restore body and mind, setting the soul free.

Some people understand the value of consciously taking care of their being. Although for many, good health is simply taken for granted, like the air we breathe, until we don’t have it.

Accessing support to keep yourself in optimum condition is more frequently accepted as common sense in these fast paced demanding times.

Getting restorative sleep, listening to and rectifying niggles discomfort and pain, noticing and remedying low energy, responding to emotional and mental distress, are all important for maintaining a meaningful and productive life.

When things are out of balance, a medical check up is important. When your family doctor has ruled out any significant health issues, it’s time to be discerning and look for support to get yourself back into balance.

Whether you book an appointment to maintain your wellbeing or you need extra support, you’ll be sure to come away from a vibe changers healing feeling all the better for it.


Don’t know which treatment
to choose?

I noticed immediate results during my first session where I experienced for one of the first times in my life, a sense of calmness, peace, and deep relaxation.

~ Leah

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